About us

Nortech Engineering is the solution to professional electronic design. Constant technological innovation drives product upgrading to adapt to the variable demands of the market. Our experience ranges from telecommunication to industrial automation, from domotics to lighting , from automotive to renewable energy with particular focus on management systems, enabling us to address different problems with flexibility combining the best technologies acquired in different sectors.
Nortech Engineering integrates its design experience within a team that has been developing hardware and software solutions for years. Our hardware design uses the most common architectures of 8 to 32 bits and programmable logical devices. The software design is based on the most advanced development tools, allowing the realization of devices at any level of complexity.
Nortech Engineering is ODM (Original Design Manufacturing). The competitive advantage is the proposal of a complete project solution:

  • feasibility study
  • hw-sw design
  • prototypes
  • DFT/DFM (Design for testability/Design for manufacturability) industrialization and production cost analysis
  • assistance to product certification

Nortech Engineering, through the support of a company partner, also supplies a complete production service organized in the different phases of material purchasing, SMD and PTH assembly,
ICT, functional testing and conformal coating, ready to be shipped to the customer.